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Large Prayer Ponies

Our Large Prayer Ponies are created for absolutely ANYONE....

We send out Ponies for happy occasions, celebrations, birthdays, weddings and graduations. We also send out Ponies when someone you love is facing a storm cloud in their life and is need of a little reminder that you are keeping them always in your prayers. Our Prayer Ponies have a sweet way of sharing the love of God and horses and bring joy to the faces of their recipients. 

Each Pony is approx. 12"x14" and comes with their inspirational charm necklace and the Pony's Prayer Poem Card, that can also contain a personal message from you.  Each Pony is inspirationally named and uniquely numbered and registered. 

Our Ponies are created mostly from reclaimed or re-purposed fabric and just like horses and humans, no two Ponies will ever be exactly the same.

 Pony’s Prayer

I am your new Prayer Pony and I was  created especially for you.

I am crafted with love and prayers in hopes that you will love me too.

I am  happy to finally meet you

on this special day,

I have lots of things to share with you;

there is so much I want to say.

I can offer to you Hope of

beautiful days ahead,

And unconditional Love

just as our Father in heaven has shared.

Faith to believe in things

yet to be seen,

With mountains that move

and angels that sing.

Truth to know that the

stars still shine

as the night turns to day,

And a Loving hoof to hold you

when you feel the need to pray.

And if ever comes a day when you

feel too weak to stand,

I will Give to you my helping hand.

I will Carry you upon my back

and give to you the Wings you lack.

 I have traveled many miles

  just to meet you.  

 I have been given this special Mission 

by someone who believes...

      You are incredibly special too!    

Day by day as you weather

the storm clouds in your life,

Hold onto me tight...

 Your Silver Linings

will be shining bright!

~k. Farmer

Currently Available for Adoption

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