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This special mission began on February 4th, of 2013. Since that day thousands of Prayer Ponies have been adopted and sent out into the world carrying sweet messages of Comfort & Love. Each year our mission continues to grow as this very special herd of Ponies is finding unique ways to touch the lives of ones in need.


Originally created as the Prayer Pony Mission, it became important to 2018 to change our direction and become the Prayer Pony Foundation, LLC. We are now a fully non-profit 501-C3. There are no salaries paid within our organization. Our prayer is only to Give and to Glorify the love of Christ to His children. 


Because of our sweet adopters we have delivered Prayer Ponies to children who have parents serving overseas in our military, children of prison inmates and children who have lost a parent or sibling. We have also sent Ponies to men, women and children who are battling cancer, illness or simply in need of prayer and support.

The beauty of the Prayer Pony Mission is that every Pony is hand sewn by my amazing team of like hearted workers and volunteers in North Carolina. Every Pony is named and delivers their inspirational poem. Just as horses and humans, each pony is created to have a unique purpose and plan. 


In 2013 after completing “Faith” my first Pony born, I had a vision… I didn’t understand it at the time, but in the hours that I spent sewing, I was in prayer for my own life’s purpose. Horses had become a huge part of my life and they played a special role in the healing process of loosing my husband and father of my children in 2005.  As I held the completed pony in my arms, I quietly called her my Prayer Pony.  


As I wondered what our prayers to God really looked like, the vision came to me of wild horses galloping across the meadows carrying messages to our Father in Heaven. I held onto that vision, only sharing it with very few… but knowing that God had placed it deep within my heart. As this Mission has grown, I’m only now beginning to understand. 


See, the heart of a horse is an incredible place of love, patience, trust and guidance. Simply being in a horse’s presence… stroking his powerful neck, feeling his breath on your face…can be unbelievably healing. Horses can hold the space for our tears and our prayers while comforting us in beautiful ways.  The Prayer Pony Mission is an extension of their purpose here on Earth. 


While it is not always possible to be with a horse, our Prayer Ponies can be sweet reminders of God’s love for His children. It is my honor and blessing to share them with you. Thank you for being such an important part of our Prayer Pony Foundation.


I encourage YOU to be a blessing to someone today…as we share the love of God's Healing, Hope and Horses with those who need it most. 

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