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A Pony’s Prayer

As you walk closer I feel the brokenness

in your heart.

Sweet memories are so near, while their gentle touch is now so far.

Whether you lost them suddenly…

Or day by day they slipped further away,

Your heart is broken and you would give anything to have them here today.

I have not come to you to tell you that everything happens for a reason,

Or that the pain that you feel will only

last for a season.

Instead, take all the time that you need,

time to hurt, time to feel,

Time to remember and time to heal.

Fall into me and I will comfort you in

your darkest night,

No words needed, just my warm heart and

soft gentle sigh.

I will offer to you Hope of brighter days ahead,

And unconditional Love just as our father in heaven has shared.

Faith to believe in things yet to be seen,

With mountains that move and angels that sing.

Truth to know that the stars still shine

as the night turns to day,

And a loving hoof to hold you when you

feel the need to pray.

And on the days you feel too weak to stand,

I will give to you my helping hand.

I will carry you upon my back and give to you,

The wings you lack.

I will hold you close and near to my heart,

As the memories you know are precious,

with me will never part.

And on those days you miss their love,

 Just look up to the heavens above….

You will see their angelic smile

as the sun is shining;

For beyond the clouds you can see

your beautiful silver lining.


K. Farmer

Condolence Ponies for those

healing from grief & loss

Our Comfort Prayer Ponies are the heart and soul of the Prayer Pony Mission. It was 7 years after the death of her husband and the father of her young children that Kim Farmer created the Ponies to send out to children who had also experienced the loss of a parent or sibling. It was her life experiences and healing with horses that birthed in her a strong desire to turn her family's tragedy into their testimony. As the Prayer Pony Mission has grown to include much more than Comfort Ponies, this mission will always remain the strongest in her heart. We encourage you as well to help share the love of God and horses with someone who may be hurting. 

Each Pony is approx. 12" x 14" and comes with their inspirational charm necklace and the Pony's Prayer Poem Card, that can also deliver a personal message from you.  Each Pony is inspirationally named and uniquely numbered and registered.  

Our Ponies are created mostly from reclaimed or repurposed fabric and just like horses and humans, no two Ponies will ever be exactly the same.

Comfort Prayer Ponies

Currently Available for Adoption

We don’t have any products to show here right now.

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