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Create Your Own Mission Ideas...

We can create either large or mini custom Prayer Ponies for your 4H Pony Groups, Children's Rodeo's, College Equestrian Team's, Wedding Party Gifts or almost anything that you can think of. We are willing to work with you in any way to make your cause, event or mission extra special. With your help we will customize your Prayer Ponies and create engraved heart necklaces and inspiration poem cards that will be perfect for your occasion. 

For orders of  12 Prayer Ponies or More, we will help you ....

"Create Your Own Mission"!

If it is a great cause, we will even share your cause on our social media platforms, website and email data base to help you to find sweet adopters to fund

Your Prayer Pony Mission.

You can choose a cause that is near and dear to your own heart or in memory or support of someone special in your life.

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