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God Bless Texas!!

Flood Relief Mission by the Prayer Pony Foundation and

their very special partners, sponsors and affiliates!

Send a Prayer Pony to a child in Texas today!

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For every $35 donation to the Prayer Pony Foundation we will send a Prayer Pony Mini in YOUR honor to a child who has lost so much in the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. The Prayer Pony Foundation, Inc. is a non-profit 501-c3 and with your support we can share hope, love and comfort with many!

*Please leave us a message with the name(s) that you would like your Prayer Pony sent in honor of.

We have been heartbroken as we have watched the devastation unfold in the wake of Hurricane Harvey. While the Prayer Pony Foundation, Inc. fully understands that shelter, food, medicine and clothing are necessities that must be offered, we also understand that there is a need for children to feel comfort, love and hope during such uncertain times. For every $35 donation, a Prayer Pony Mini will be sent to a child who has lost so much in the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey. These special Prayer Ponies will be delivered with their Pony's Prayer, inspirational name necklace and packaged beautifully with love and prayers from very special God loving and horse loving businesses, organizations and individuals just like YOU! We have distributors lined up in TX to make sure that our Prayer Ponies are delivered to the perfect children in need.

We would love to thank Touched By a Horse, John and Jody Lyons, Michael Lyons Horsemanship, I AM Herd by Mary Miller Jordan, Type 1 Diabetes Experience (T1DE) and Your Silver Linings for their beautiful support. Our plan is to send 100 Ponies to TX, but our prayer is to send MANY more as we continue to partner with others!! 

Bringing hope and love to someone who has lost so much is what this mission is all about and we believe that if we offer even the smallest acts of kindness to others that God will find the perfect way to use them for His glory. 

Please consider helping us to share love of God and horses with the children of Texas!!! 

 Pony’s Prayer

I am your new Prayer Pony and I was  created especially for you.

I am crafted with love and prayers in hopes that you will love me too.

I am  happy to finally meet you

on this special day,

I have lots of things to share with you;

there is so much I want to say.

I can offer to you Hope of

beautiful days ahead,

And unconditional Love

just as our Father in heaven has shared.

Faith to believe in things

yet to be seen,

With mountains that move

and angels that sing.

Truth to know that the

stars still shine

as the night turns to day,

And a Loving hoof to hold you

when you feel the need to pray.

And if ever comes a day when you

feel too weak to stand,

I will Give to you my helping hand.

I will Carry you upon my back

and give to you the Wings you lack.

 I have traveled many miles

  just to meet you.  

 I have been given this special Mission 

by someone who believes...

      You are incredibly special too!    

Day by day as you weather

the storm clouds in your life,

Hold onto me tight...

 Your Silver Linings

will be shining bright!

~k. Farmer

Thank you to our AMAZING team of sponsors for this special ~

God Bless TX Mission!

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