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Hope Face Masks

It has been our great honor to help serve God and our community over the past three weeks as we have hand sewn and delivered over 2,000 masks! Hope Face Masks were never part of our vision or plan, but as the need grew, God placed it on our hearts to start sewing!! We partnered with Trotters Sewing Company in Asheboro and a team of volunteers came together to help.  We were able to give our masks to many front line professionals including our local hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacists, nursing homes, police patrol, jail house workers, courthouse security, firefighters, children's advocacy center, our city schools lunch meal servers and many individuals among the"at risk" population. 

After GIVING AWAY the 2,000 masks (which was DOUBLE our original goal of 1,000) the requests have continued! Our masks are very durable, comfortable and look great!! So, we have decided to continue manufacturing our unique Hope Masks and offer them for sale to the public. All proceeds will benefit the Prayer Pony Foundation, Inc. and allow us to continue to GIVE HOPE to others! 

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Hope Face Masks are $15 each


When you order 5 Hope Face Masks, you will receive ONE for FREE.

When you order 10 Hope Face Masks, you will receive TWO for FREE &

FREE SHIPPING within the US!

Following are the color choices and special gift sets that we currently have available. To order, please click on the gift set or color pattern that you wish to to have delivered. Prayer Pony Gift sets will also have the option to include a personal message from you!


Retying the slip knots and demonstration of wearing your Hope Face Mask...

Messages of Hope from the Prayer Pony Foundation...

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