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The Prayer Pony Foundation, Inc. was created to support many Prayer Pony Missions...

Because of your generous support, we will send Prayer Ponies  to children who have a parent serving overseas in our US Military. We will send Ponies to children battling cancer. We will send Ponies to children and adults diagnosed with diabetes, ovarian cancer, breast cancer and those affected by heart disease and many other illnesses. We will send Ponies to women dealing with domestic abuse and violence as well as to children and loved ones of prisoners.  We will send Ponies  to children who have recently lost a parent or sibling and parents who have sadly lost a precious child. We will send Ponies to individuals who have received a life saving organ transplant and to the families who lost the loved one who made the donation possible.


And...this only will scratch our surface. We will also  send out as many Prayer Ponies as we can when life's unexpected tragedies occur. At the Prayer Pony Foundation, we know that we can't always prepare for the needs that will arise, but we are trusting in God for His guidance and wisdom to lead our way.


Our Prayer Ponies are meant to bring comfort, hope, strength and love to those who are battling storms in their  life. The Ponies are to serve as constant reminders to their recipients, that they are loved unconditionally and are prayed for every day. 


Over the years we have seen the beautiful ways that God has opened doors for the Prayer Pony Mission to touch others. With your help it WILL continue to grow and bless others in this special way. 

While it will be the Prayer Pony Foundation Board that ultimately chooses where Ponies are delivered during the year, you are welcomed and encouraged to offer suggestions along the way. We want you to know, that without YOU, this would not be possible. 

We sincerely thank you for helping to send Prayer Ponies out into the WORLD... Because of you we WILL watch the Prayer Pony Mission become a MOVEMENT!


WITH LOVE & GRATITUDE from the Prayer Pony Foundation, Inc! 

Kim Farmer,  Founder & CEO

Jody Lyons, Vice President

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