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I am your new Prayer Pony 
And I have traveled a long, long way. 
I carry an important message for you, 
On this important day.  
First I need to tell you just how proud 
I am of your Mom or Dad… 
For the very courageous job they do, 
And for the Freedom that we have.

I know you count down the days 
To be in their arms soon, 
And I have been told, that they are 
Counting them down too.   
 Your parent is so very proud of the 
Bravery you display. 
And while they are not here with you, 
They love you immensely… 
From far, far away.  

You share your parent, 

So that our country can be free.

But, I know sometimes you feel sad,

For this I can surely see.

It won't be much longer,

So hold onto me tight.

We will face this together,

Each and every night.

Remember, as you face the storm clouds

in your life.

Trust in God's grace, love and mercy...

& Always allow Your Silver Linings to

shine bright!




Patriot Prayer Ponies

The Prayer Pony Mission was created for the children of our brave men and women serving in our US Military. We honor our soldiers and their sacrifices as we pray for their safety while serving our country. We wanted to create this special mission so that their children might have a Prayer Pony friend to comfort them until Mom or Dad returns safely home.

Our Patriot Prayer Ponies are adopted individually and come in various colors, including the camouflage fabric of the Marines, Army, Navy and Air Force. Each Pony will come with their "Dog Tag" identification name and number, carrying the American Flag and delivering their Pony's Patriot Prayer Poem.

Thank you for adopting a Patriot Prayer Pony for a child who may be missing their Mom or Dad as they serve our great country. 

God Bless the USA....

Potriot Pony's Prayer

Prayer Ponies created for children with parents serving in our US Military

Currently Available for Adoption

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