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What an incredible 10 days for the Prayer Pony Mission....

What an incredible 10 days for the Prayer Pony Mission!

It is so exciting to see our Prayer Ponies being a part of so many special events and occasions across the US. From the "I AM Herd" retreat with Mary Miller Jordan and a very special group of women in Wilmington, the Equine Affair in Massachusetts with the beautiful Jody Lyons and Sandi Simons (where every single Pony was adopted!) Nebraska with Dana Kesselring and Diana the first Family Day Camp in Charlottesville, VA with Caroline Cohen and 20 Ponies for children, individuals and families with Type One Diabetes (T1DE).

And, that's not even all! This growing herd of Prayer Ponies is on the move and they are touching the lives of others and I could not be more proud!

One of my very favorite Prayer Pony stories came this week from a totally unexpected circumstance. In my haste to get to Wilmington last week for our Women's Retreat, I neglected to get gas when I left town. As I traveled down the road, I knew where I would stop and I knew I was cutting it really close. When I got to the station on 74 where I was to stop, I could not turn into the station because of recent flooding after hurricane Matthew. I chose to continue...hoping for a very close station just up the way. There was NONE to be found. In desperation, I took an exit off of HWY 74 and hoped for the best. Sure enough, as soon as I exited the ramp and turned right, my car spit, sputtered and stopped. I looked over to the white house across the street and against my husbands better advice, I walked up and knocked on the door. An elderly man kindly greeted me as I looked down on his front porch at the five pumpkins that lined the stairs...Each pumpkin had a carved letter and when placed together they spelled the word JESUS. There was a peace...Within a few minutes, the elderly man went to his shed and returned with a can of gas - almost as if he had been waiting for me. He put the gas into my car and eventually it started. He gave me directions to the nearest station and he refused to take any money for the gas he had gifted. As he began to cross the street, I called him back and reached into my car. It felt silly to give an elderly man a Prayer Pony and a card, but I did. His eyes filled with tears and he hugged me. He then said that his wife was an invalid and that I could have no idea what this would mean to her. In that very moment nothing else really mattered. It felt as though I had been sent there on my own little mission and I was honored that God chose me. I may never know the needs that the man and his wife have, but I am beyond blessed to know the one who does and I pray that each and every day God will allow me to be small part of sharing His love with others.

I pray that the Ponies can be as much of a blessing to others as they have been to me! I could write a book of stories, experiences and friendships that have unfolded as a result of this Mission.

Thank you again to the many that understand what this is all about. Thank you to God for guiding the way :))


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