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Update on the Prayer Ponies for loved ones of prisoners...


Update on the Prayer Ponies that are being sent to loved ones of prisoners. I posted this Mission last week. I will be honest, I almost didn't. I wasn't sure how it would be received this year. I had almost decided that I would send the Prayer Ponies in silence and not reach out to you for support. Last week, I only had 6 requests.

However, on the 15th, I did post and shared the requests and messages with you. In my amazement, SIXTEEN Prayer Ponies were sponsored to send!! The support was incredible, but what is even more special is that in the mail yesterday, TWELVE more requests arrived!

God provided a way, BEFORE I even knew the need! What a beautiful lesson to learn. We don't always have to understand or know our needs to understand and know that our Father is providing. Faith is not hoping that God can...It is Knowing that He will.

While I won't type every single request and message this time (although I really do wish I had the time for you to read them all!) I would love to share a few!

To: Liam, I know that God is listening each and every time you pray. Trust Him. Love, Dad To: Landon, Always remember to give your cares, concerns and worries to God in Prayer. Love, Dad Request: Prayers are central to our communication as Christians with God. Our Heavenly Father urges us to "pray without ceasing" and any way we can nurture our children to do so in great. The Prayer Pony is such a wonderful and tangible reminder for children to have constantly reminding them to trust God in prayer. I also thin that as children, it even gives them a very open prayer partner. I stress the study of Gods work, as well as prayer as a daily part of life with my children and the Prayer Pony is an awesome positive reinforcement.

To: Coco You are the apple of my eye. From the day that I met you in Norway, my life has changed. I am so very proud of the person that you have become. As beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside. May you see only God's best for you. Request: Coco is my first born and my life was changed forever from the moment I met her. Her first name is Ateje which means "Unto God". she has brought me so much joy and happiness. I pray that she will remember me and have something positive to hold onto.

To Alyssa "For I recognize that the sufferings of this present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that shall be revealed in us." May the words that you used to encourage me, encourage you. Baby girl you are my motivation to hold on, my strength and my energy. May God continue to bless you. Requests: Alyssa is my baby girl. I feel a special bond to her. She has supported me from day one of this ordeal. When I was in the county she would send me verses of scripture on index cards. Romans 8:18 and Isiah 41:10 are committed to my memory because of her.

To: Randy Merry Christmas! I am sorry Daddy can't be with you this Christmas. I do wish that I could be buddy. I miss you and your mommy so much. Be a good boy for her, ok. Now, do daddy a favor and give mommy BIG hugs and kisses from me. Thanks buddy. I love you, Merry Christmas! Love, Daddy Request: Randy is my five year old son. I would like him to receive a Prayer Pony as a reminder that he is loved. I think it would be a good reminder for him to pray when he's sad or lonely, at least, but hopefully it plants a seed for him to grow into. Thank you for this service that you are providing to us inmates while we can't do it for ourselves.

There are more, each as touching as the last. Again, thank you for making this happen for these children and loved ones. I understand that grief and loss is not always when a loved one passes away. Please help me to say a prayer that as these Ponies arrive at their new home, that they bring the light of Jesus into heavy hearts. Trusting in the unseen and believing that God can make a way!


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