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I Am Enough...

At the Prayer Pony workshop we create our Ponies out of the scrap materials that others might throw away. We reclaim these materials to become a blessing for others to cherish. I have come to understand that God is doing the same thing with us every single day! As we can often feel like we are not beautiful enough, special enough, important enough, smart enough, rich enough (I could go on and on...) it is our Father in Heaven who is actually molding us and us to be SPECTACULAR in every single way! This Prayer Pony is perfectly named... I AM Enough and she can be a constant reminder that even in our own weakness, with our Father's love, grace and forgiveness, we will ALWAYS be ENOUGH!!

Many Christmas Prayer Ponies are available for adoption! Each Pony is approximately 12" tall and 14" long and made from mostly reclaimed and repurposed fabrics. Each Pony will come with his/her engraved name necklace, registration number and bible vs. Matthew 18:20. Your Pony will also come with the Pony's Prayer card that will explain her purpose.

Pony's Prayer....

Hello, I’m your new Prayer Pony and I was created especially for you. I am crafted with love and prayers in hopes that you will love me too. I am happy to finally meet you on this very special day, I have lots of things to share with you; there is so much I want to say. I will offer to you Hope of beautiful days ahead, And unconditional Love just as our Father in heaven has shared. Faith to believe in things yet to be seen, With mountains that move and angels that sing. Truth to know that the stars still shine as the night turns to day, And a Kind hoof to hold you when you feel the need to pray.

And if ever comes a day you feel too weak to stand, I will Give to you my helping hand. I will Carry you upon my back and give to you, the Wings you lack. I have traveled many miles just to meet you. And, I have been given this special Mission by someone who believes... You are incredibly special too! Day by day as you weather the storm clouds in your life, Hold onto me tight... Your Silver Linings will shine Bright!EndFragment

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